Krumovgrad Tobacco

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Bulgarian Tobacco this variety is a complicated hybrid. Botanical affiliation: Nicotiana tabacum L. ecotype Krumovgrad. Shape of the plant: cone-shaped; height - 120-160 cm, depending on the agrotechnics

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Leaves: 32 – 37 leaves, position – regular, size - 24/13 cm (length/width) at 14th leaf, shape of the leaf - elliptical, lamina - curly and waved, colour – light green. Biological characteristics: the length of the vegetation period (from the plant-seedlings till the mass-flowering) is 70 days; till the ripe of the first leaves: 55 – 60 days. The leaves ripe consecutively.They dry fast. Quality: the dried tobacco leaves have gold – yellow to orange-yellow colour. They possess a typical for the oriental tobaccoes fine flavour, pleasant taste and very good burning capacity.